Monday, November 28, 2011

War Eagle and An Update

Payton left for the States Saturday......which is the ONLY reason I got away with dressing Rowen in his Auburn gear.

It was a sad day in Haiti for this momma. The emotions surprisingly stayed intact until Rowen pointed to a picture of him and Payt on my phone and continued to say "da da", "da da", "da da".....then the tears came!

As I'm sure you can imagine, it is the WORST feeling in the world to have your family in two separate countries. While my heart longs to be with Payt, it longs to be with my son. It is very difficult to say the least. However, God has promised us the day that our family will be together forever and that is what we are clinging to.

Enough sap and pity, I am, however, thoroughly thankful for this time we have gotten to spend with Rowen as a family. I am also thankful to be able to experience so much more of his precious little personality at this age. He has learned so much this past week, and I so thankful that his mommy and daddy were able to teach him some of his "first".

I promise I am not going to be that mom that highlights every breath my child takes, but since our family, unfortunately, will not get to enjoy him at this precious age, this is more for them. So bare with me.

Like I said he can now say "da dad" (still working on mommy..... hes close :)). He has learned to blow kisses and to sign "more" in sign language when he wants more to eat. He has learned the word "no" very well and has learned to cut off the whining with a tap on his lower chin (not sure why that works, but it does for us). He is the cuddliest baby I have ever seen and he will cuddle with anyone who wants some love. He laughs (more like cackles) all the time. Rarely cries....unless he is sick. He loves to suck his two fingers. He waves "hey" and "bye". He loves to eat and will shovel ANYTHING that is put in front of him.....hence the importance of the sign language, it has helped!!! Loves to point at things and wants to know what everything is, loves to copy/mocks anything you do. There is so much more, but I'll stop.

We are very proud and beyond thankful for the couple that previously cared for him. They did such a good job, and their fruit is shown through his sweet, content, loving, and cuddling tempermant. He is everything we prayed for! We never thought we could love someone so much! And even if he wasn't close to being a perfect baby.....we'd love him just the same :)! But we thank God everyday for such a precious angel!

We signed our guardianship papers so we are his official guardians.....thank you for praying. Anticipate getting the waiver Wednesday. Please continue to pray for that!

Love yall.....and win or lose, WAR EAGLE!


  1. How EXCITING! Following & praying!

  2. LOVIN' THIS!! Am so excited! Can't wait to hold him again and get some more of that Rowen lovin'!

  3. Heather this is your Uncle Tim. I spoke to your mother today and she announce you being pregent. That is wonderful news and could not be more happier for you and Payton.

    Uncle Tim