Saturday, October 15, 2011


For some reason this word has resonated in my spirit all day today. I spent most of my afternoon yesterday at the court house changing my name on my license and my passport. I flew as a "Millington" this past trip, because my name had not been changed on my license or my passport. But now that we are diving head first into getting our adoption paperwork finished, I felt it might be necessary to officially be a "Junkin :)." Who knew changing one name on your passport would be a process in itself.....and not to mention $$$ (expensive). And in order to make my trip back to Haiti in November (yay!), I needed my new passport expedited. It not only cost more money, but the bright orange sticker reading "EXPEDITE" that they slap on the front of the package has stuck in mind all day!

Later this afternoon, I spent some time at the elementary school as our sweet principal wrote a letter needed for the adoption. In her letter, she asked that this process be "expedited." Its not a word I hear or use every day, and there it was again.....

So THAT has been prayer.......that every ounce of this adoption process would be EXPEDITED! As most of you may or may not know, adoption is a process. And in most, if not all, cases; they are a loooong process. But I have decided to commit to pray this over our journey.

"Lord, touch and anoint every piece of paperwork and expedite it. "

God has revealed small portions of His goodness and His power to us already concerning this process. I say small, because I know He is SO much bigger than what we have seen so far, and I believe that there is so much more to be revealed. We know God has spoken loud and clear that Rowen is our son, and living day to day with our son in another country is tearing this mommas hearts to pieces.

Yall have been so faithful and diligent in praying for us and Rowen, and I can not accurately express how humbled and grateful we are because of your love and support! SO please please continue to join with us in praying. We want our baby boy home so bad, we can barely stand it. So much of the process is out of our hands, but we're clinging to that fact that GOD holds all power and all authority.

As of right now, we are waiting on the waiver we mentioned HERE to be drawn up for the president to sign. Without the waiver, three years is our time frame. But we feel God put the connection of the president in our path because he knew it would be necessary. Therefore, once the waiver IS signed, the process could take anywhere from 12-14 months........but since we're believing and praying that God WILL expedite this journey, our baby boy will be home sooner.

Expedite: to make a process or an action happen sooner or accomplished much quicker


  1. As a Mommy myself, I can only IMAGINE your hearts desire having this precious boy here! PRAYING!!!

  2. I Love what God is doing! Praying for ya'll. Heard Payton on WDJC last night, great truth he spoke!