Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Thank YOU!

I can't seem to muster up the words to express how humbled, encouraged, and appreciative I am by the love and support that we have felt by all of you! I sit here in tears, because I am still truly overwhelmed by all of your phone calls, text messages, facebook comments, emails, gifts, cards, and messages. I really wish I could hug every single one of your necks and cry on your shoulder like I have on Payton's because of your sweet, sweet words of encouragement. You have taught me so much and have made this season of suffering such a sweet experience.

You have taught us what it looks like to operate as the Body of Christ. You have taught us that fervent prayers can and will accomplish much. And you have taught us the importance, vitality, and the need of genuine encouragement to one another.

So thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! I cant say it enough.Thank you for grieving with us, praying for us, selflessly taking time to minister to us, and for loving us.

I still think about my baby all day everyday, however, I can finally make it through the day with out shedding a million tears. So because of Christ in YOU, every day has and does get better!

So again,


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  1. I have started reading your precious blog & you two are an amazing couple! Praying for you during this time!