Monday, September 26, 2011

Rowen Thomas Junkin

is "baby boys" official/given name. Payton is in the process of working on a post that tells the entire story....its a LONG one. So until its ready to post, I'll leave you with this update. Baby boy has a name!!! Before the Lord put adoption in our path, we had already decided on three names for boy and one name for a girl. Knowing we would adopt at some point in our lifetime, we assumed that these names would be given to our biological babies. However, God has chosen baby boy to be our first, therefore we find no reason to "save" those names. In our eyes, there is and will be no difference.

So in order to decided between the three, we googled the meanings of each name to see if either of the three had a "profound" meaning to help us decide. Two of the three meant nothing monumental, but the third name (Rowen) means "red head". Its definitely not anything "super spiritual" or "profound," but since baby boy will never have the chance to be red headed like our biological children possibly will, his name will at least mean "red hair." And Thomas is Payton's middle and it my grandfather's first name. So there you have it Rowen more "baby boy".

We are greatly anticipating our trip. I have spent hours preparing little man's wardrobe that we will be able to leave with him along with his first Shutterfly book (in hopes for Rowen to learn the faces of his new family) .....

More updates later


  1. I stumbled upon your blog sometime last year, and have been following ever since! Love it :) Came across another blog today called Gus&Lula...I thought you all would enjoy it, as they had a somewhat similar experience to what you are going through now. You both (and Rowen!) have been in my prayers! Here's the link to the post y'all might like to read...

    PS- I LOVE the name!