Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thank You......Again!

We are still receiving so many sweet emails, messages, and phones concerning our baby that we lost. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! I still can't say it enough. Between our baby in Heaven and our baby in Haiti, it has been an emotional, exhausting roller coaster in the Junkin house. However, God has used all of your encouragement, support, love, interest, and prayer to keep us moving. So through you're faithfulness, He has shown us the depth of His faithfulness.

I have read so many emails and messages from girls who are either sharing in the same suffering of presently losing their baby or have suffering the loss of baby in the past. So this post is primarily for you, the mothers of those grieving. I have shed many, many tears over your messages and emails. And you have no idea how humbled I am to walk through this season with you. I want to share this book with you in hopes to encourage you like this sweet book did me. A precious lady in our community passed down her copy to me, and nothing has meant more to me than her sacrifice to give her book to me. Her desire is for me to eventually give it to someone else when I feel led. Since, I don't feel led to let it go quite yet :).......

You can find the entire book HERE.

I had Baby Junkin a baby blanket made to remind me of this time in my life and all the Lord taught me through Baby Junkins' 6 week life. I'll be glad to pass the resources to those interested.

Thank You again!

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