Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We haven't figured out much, but we have come to realize one thing that we, as newlyweds, ministers, and of course believers, need to function in the Junkin household....

A Sabbath.

Sunday is Payton's busiest, longest, and most exhausting (yes exhausting.....fulfilling, but exhausting) day of the week; which means we never get a full weekend. Our entire Sundays are usually spent at the church. If we are not physically in the building, we're at home preparing for a meeting or a service of some sort.

So beginning last week, we started taking Mondays as our Sabbath Day.

We don't make the bed, we loose sight of our cell phones, the laundry waits, we sleep til we wake up, and rest by enjoying each other's company.

God commands this of us. And we're not making Him ask the Junkins twice anymore. We are now aware of how much we need it and how much we love it!

Last Monday......

and yesterday we, or I should actually say HE, spent the day doing this......

More on the dresser later.

But for dinner.......let me just say that my husband is quite the chef.

Looks like work.......but for us, its therapeutic, fun, and gratifying. And we want to encourage you to truly exercise obedience by taking a Sabbath. It may not look like ours, but we guarantee that you will find the same fulfillment and satisfaction as we do.

In the midst of a busy, quick fix, technological ran world; we need to find time away from the busyness to be still and know that He is God. When you find Him, your week to week will be transformed!

Remember, the Lord doesn't suggest or request it....He commands it!

Happy Sabbath!

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