Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Have A Husband.

Hes a good lookin' one and has a way with constantly making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Its only been a week, but we love, love, LOVE being married. God has definitely surpassed our expectations and as you can probably tell, we're floating in the clouds.

Putting the mush aside, we're here briefly (or technically I, Heather, is here with an arm slung across my neck and background noise of heavy Payton is snoozing) to thank all of our friends and family that made April 9th so perfect!! Your love and support has left us giddy and speechless. Ours words will never be able to express how grateful, humbled, and honored we are by the efforts made to surround us and witness the covenant we made to each other and to the Lord.....who is oh so faithful!!!

And to our parents.......WE LOVE YOU! We cant thank you enough for making the entire weekend an unfathomable experience and a true fairytale. We are amazed at your selfless and unconditional love, generosity, hard work, and efforts to make this season of life so perfect for us. Once again, WE LOVE YOU more than our words can express!

Secondly, we've made it home from the honeymoon (or as mom prefers me to say "the trip" :)), and we're slowly getting settled in our home.

We love you and we'll be back with lots of updated details!


  1. yeah! can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding. I know it was a beautiful day and it looks like ya'll enjoyed the grande. We LOVE that place!!