Monday, March 7, 2011


as you can probably predict from my lack of attention to the blog, we are slightly CRAZY around here! Its crunch time for us soon to be Junkins, and we're doing everything we can to remain sane and engaged....ha :).

We're knee deep in last minute weddings details, house construction, and more gifts....which we are BEYOND grateful for. Our shower in Guin was a few Sundays ago and the generousity of our family and friends that made that day so special for us has left us humbly speechless!

We cant thank you enough and express how thankful and honored we are to be loved and supported by so many selfless, kind, and loving people. We love and appreciate each of you more than we'll ever be able to express.

And since the tea, I've spent hours upon hours organizing, rearranging, and reorganizing our kitchen cabinets.....and I'll assure you, I am not finished!!!

And if you do not own any Tervis Tumblers (above), I suggest that you invest. As you see, we LOVE them....hence the mass and the fact that they made the bottom shelf.

As for the rest of the house......the master bath has been tiled.

The guestroom is about 85% complete.

I'd give you a complete pic, but a third of the room looks like this......

and the kitchen.....

And by the end of the week we will officially have HARDWOOD!!

These guys will be laid/installed/put down (not confident about the proper lingo) on Thursday! Its like Christmas......we cant wait!

And again, I want to say thank you for your constant encouragement, interest, and prayers that has made (and is still making) this season of our lives so fun and worth sharing. More than the "stuff" we update about, we pray our lives are nothing less than a glimpse of Christ's faithfulness. Its because of HIM that we have the privilege to share about our home, our upcoming wedding, our relationship, and our day to day. And because of that, we cringe at the fact that His sovereignty be lost in the midst of the "stuff." His provision is unfathomable!

He is Lord and He is 100% HOLY!

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