Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We have finally unthawed, and we are now in the process of recovering from cabin fever. I LOVE the snow, the cold air, an excuse to stay in jams all day, and all the excitement and activities it brings; BUT one day is enough for me!

We had a blast sledding with the neighbors, toting kids all over town on four wheelers and rangers, making snowmen, and blasting each other with snowballs. When I say "we".....I really mean "they."Because as you'll see from the pictures below.....I did a lot more picturing taking than partaking in any activities :).......

And if you're wondering who these precious boys are that appear in a lot of our pictures.....I'll introduce you......Trevor (15), Travun (12), and Tarius (14).

Payton is a big brother/father figure to these boys! His investment into each of their lives is the most attractive, encouraging, and inspiring act of faith I have ever seen! He loves these boys as much as he knows how and has given his life in guiding their lives into a sucessful future by speaking truth and setting a Godly, solid example. He has had the priviledge of leading all three to the Lord, and I trust and believe that the fruit of His labor has only begun! And I could really eat all three of them up! :)

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