Thursday, December 16, 2010

Millington Traditions

Good afternoon! Hope everyone is staying warm, enjoying CHRISTMAS, and was able to survive the inconvenience of the ice storm from yesterday (if you're an Alabamian). While I say it was an inconvenience, I considered it a selfish convenience on my end, because it caused Mister (aka Payton) to delay his travel back to Guin. So we not only spent our weekly Date Night Tuesday together, BUT we were able to relax and spend some extra QT together Wednesday morning and afternoon until the weather cleared a safe path for his travel back home. Hope everyone is safe and didn't find their selves slipping and sliding all over the place.

We're in the midst of finishing up or better yet, beginning :), our Christmas shopping and finding time to enjoy our yearly Christmas Millington traditions..........

For the past 30+ years, my mom's side of the family get together at Christmas to decorate sugar cookies. The tradition continues and every year our company continues to grow......

........and OF COURSE when males (particularly Payton) is thrown in the mix, everything turns into a "competition."

Here are the results.......

One of the many perks of having a competitive future husband.....he definitely keeps it fun and exciting!

And before we started our cookie decorating battles , we managed to finally squeeze in a family picture for our Chrimas card......

.....that some of you will be seeing soon!

Payton is already thrilled about our future in sending out Christmas cards......(I say that sarcastically)....even though he is a GREAT sport when it comes to my little festive quirks!

I told him, I give it one more year til we're married. Therefore, we snapped a few pictures of us just for the record. And by the way April 9th is only 115 days away!

Merry Christmas!!! Praying that His Spirit is thick and evident in your lives during these next few weeks.

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