Sunday, November 7, 2010

Party #2 and Switching Gears

Saturday afternoon, some sweet friends threw another party for us.......

a Tool and Gadget Party.

We racked up on more tools than I know what to do with.......

Thank you again to the sweet hostess' that put so much time and special thought into making this party so meaningful and fun!

Thank you Ladies.......We Love You!

And of course to our sweet guest. We sent them home with a little treat too :). We are so grateful for all of you!

On another note, please excuse us while we exit the country for a few days.........

We are in the process of switching gears from wedding planning and house construction to traveling across the world to ISRAEL! Since we board a plane on Wednesday, we will be spending the next 2 days packing and preparing our little minds for this big opportunity that we are thrilled about.

We hope to stay connected while we're over there, but no guarantee. In the midst of planning a wedding and reconstructing a house, we've had very little time to process anything about where we're headed and what we're in for..........cant wait to share!!!!

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