Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching Up

Life is so fun, but SO SO busy right now!! Wedding planning is enough, but throw in a house that is being totally gutted in another town, a fiance that is an hour and fifteen minutes away...all in the midst of life in general = CRAZY! But let me say I LOVE this season. The moment of stress hasn't hit yet, and as of right now, I can truly say I have mixed feelings about this season of engagement ending. I WANT to be married, be in the same town and under the same roof with my future husband. But I am loving every minute of the planning, the new feeling of being a fiance, the excitement, and of course the anticipation of starting a new life with my new husband. Truly loving every minute of it and doing my best to live in the moment!

My travel buddies and I reunited over dinner last Wednesday. Since we don't have the opportunity to travel all over the nation anymore, we reunited at Cracker Barrel.......the "travelers" restaurant. We, for some reason. haven't found the time to hop on a plane and head out to LA, Virginia, or Orlando; instead we cruised over to I-20 Cracker Barrel and enjoyed a delicious dinner while catching up on life. These three girls are some of the besttraveling company........

Friday, we traveled over to Atlanta for our engagement photo shoot.

We had a BLAST! This little photo session with our photographer and friend, Jessica, stirred up more excitement about working with her on April 9! She is not only extremely creative, but SO FUN! She took a lot of pictures in two different locations in the Atlanta area! I have no doubt we will love them! Cant wait to share them with you.

Our little house is making HUGE progress! We are so proud and getting so excited to see so much improvement. Sheet rock was hung this week, so we couldnt wait to test out the paint color we are putting in our bedroom. We picked it out several months ago and have been anxiously waiting to pop the can.......church clothes and all!!! :)

This is 'Slate' from Restoration Hardware..........

Restoration at the Summit has it on their walls in their store right now. We were shopping one night during the Summer, saw it on their walls, fell in love, and immediately purchased! Be patient with us.......we want to introduce our house to you; but we are waiting for a little more progress so A) you're not scared to death and B) you can somewhat appreciate it as much as we do! :)

Here's what I'm talking about.........get ready.

Our bedroom before:

Our bedroom as of now:

New windows, paneling down (thank goodness :)), sheet rock up, and floors, paint, lighting, and decor to come!

My blog savvy fiance reminded me that I didn't mention where our Save the Dates came from, so to answer many questions, we got an incredible deal of ordering 500 magnets for only $155.00 and that's with an extra $20 included for rushed shipping to cover my patience.http://www.vistaprint.com/.

Love yall!

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