Monday, October 4, 2010

Back Up

The blog has somewhat taken the backseat over the past week or two. Between, burning rubber from Guin and Birmingham, FINALLY making a decision on a wedding dress, and gathering hundreds of addresses for invitations and such; our blog time has been extremely limited. But we're back!

I feel like my laptop has become glued to my legs (which has become Paytons newest pet peeve), because if there is any down time, I am constantly trying to place orders for things, type up address lists for parties, catch up on emails, and search the internet for things for the wedding. I'm doing my best to stay on top of things! Planning has been so fun and laid back; and my prayer is that it stays that way through April.......
However, we were able to get away last weekend and spend some quality time with each other and with some of our closest friends at the lake.I have to say it again, we are SO thankful for all our friends and feel so honored to have each of them apart of this season. Cant express that enough.

Monday we had a mini photo shoot for our 'Save The Date' pictures. Our engagement pictures are schedule for October 14 and 15 in Atlanta; but I was antsy to have them ordered and sent out, so we grabbed Payton's mother and knocked them out. Here's a little sneak peek..........After they have arrived to their destinations, I'll post the entire session for you to see :)

Thursday was the day! I finally said "yes to the dress!"The Thursday before, mom and I traveled to Hartselle, Alabama to begin our shopping. After narrowing many many options down to two, I got home to Birmingham and began having second thoughts. So this past Thursday, beginning at 9AM, we spent the entire day on Thursday exploring options around town. And after numerous stops and many try-ons, I found the "ONE" and placed my order. Cant wait to show you! LOVE it! And if Payton wasn't so active on the blog, Id give you a sneak peek on it too. Saturday we spent the day celebrating the unity of our good friends, Ashley and Seth. The wedding was beautiful! Payton and I somewhat offered a "package deal." He had the honor to married the two.........while I, surprisingly, had the honored of serving as the "second-hand" photographer. It definitely was a fun experience. And after being asked by the professional photographer what ISO and aperture setting my camera was on; I realized that some studying up on the ole Nikon would certainly be efficient.
Happy Week!

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