Monday, September 6, 2010


We're still overwhelmed with excitement and, as for me, trying to let the reality of getting to plan a wedding really settle in. I PROMISE the engagement story is coming......we've been burning rubber that past four days and haven't had time to sit down to make sure you get every detail as specifically special as they were that night.

After running off of pure adrenaline, 2 hours of sleep, and mixed of emotions (strictly good ones), on Friday, we successfully made all the rounds in Birmingham that one day could hold to show off the "bling" and to celebrate with family and friends.
By 10PM we wrapped up our visits, got a little bit of sleep, and headed to lake Saturday morning to soak up the privileges of "labor day" as much as we could.Two of my best friends and their husbands were able to join us for weekend. Jessica and Justin (on the right) live in Hartselle, Alabama and we attempt to see each other at least once a month. However, the craziness of life has refrained us from seeing them since Jess's birthday lunch in June. And Jana (center) and Will (not pictured) live in Trussville, we spend time with them regularly BUT the times are slim that we're all together. Therefore, we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend being all together. We're exhausted BUT
we are overwhelmed with gratitude for our family and friends to share this season of life with........and thankful for the adrenalin thats keeping us going.

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