Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

We are so thankful for your abundant passion towards your children, your one granddaughter,
mom,and of course UFC.Since all of us children are out of town this weekend, we celebrated Dad's birthday as a family Thursday night. Even though it was HIS party, sweet Livi remained as the main attraction......all smiles anytime the camera is flashed her way.Dad LOVES UFC fighting. And since he and Payt share this common love, waisting big bucks ordering fight after fight , we ordered him several "Tap Out" t-shirts. Unfortunately, Dicks doesn't carry them anymore, so we had go through the Internet to order the much anticipated t-shirt. Never thought dad could get so excited over an article of clothing! We wrapped up a piece of paper informing him that his shirts are on their way.......he was thrilled.Happy Birthday! We love you and appreciate your love and passion for your family!

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