Monday, July 5, 2010

Coming Up For Air

I finally have a time slot of a whole 2 hours to capture the past 2 weeks of our lives.......its been nothing but hustle and bustle with traveling, working, planning birthday parties, family, ministry, and opposing the feeling of stress with the demands of life. Therefore, my promptness of returning phone calls and text messages has struggled greatly as well as my blogging life. That is until my wonderful "teammate"lended his creative hand to help pick up my slack while I was running around Saturday morning preparing for 2 birthday parties and trying to get our life packed in the car so we could head out for the lake for the weekend. With a little bit of guidance, he did the entire post on his own.......not bad for a first timer :).

Two weeks ago, we spent 5 days relaxing at the beach Paytons and his family.......
where he had the priviledge to marry a close childhood friend.
returned home from the beach late Monday night to squeeze in some time with precious Mallie
and these little rascles on Tuesday.
celebrated Livi Love's 1st birthday with the Wilson clan on Wednesday......
zipped over to meet Jana and Jess for lunch at Edgars to celebrated Jess's birthday that she and Livi share
hit the road for Guin to load up the small group girls for our overnigh lake trip
where these chaperone's received less sleep than the high energy youngins
returned back home on Thursday to prepare for birthday parties and time at the lakesqueezed in a date on FridayLivi's birthday party on Saturday.4th of July on Sunday
Kaley's birthday party on Monday.Whew! Catching my breath and trying to keep up! BUT in the midst of the running around, my prayer is to remain thankful for the opportunity to invest into lives of those closest to me.

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