Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today's Lunch

I had the privilege of eating lunch with this little one and her momma today. Melissa and I have been best friends since were in the eighth grade......which has been about ten years. "We're so old!" She got married last summer and shortly after, she had little miss Ellie Kate! I'm so proud of her and have loved walking through life with her.
I can safely admit that I'm one of her friends that has truly witness all of her dreams come to full fruition. I don't think I know two girls who dreamed more than the two of us did growing up. We had our houses designed, our children's named picked out, and our husband perfectly constructed in our little heads by the time we were in junior high. Our future families consumed our converstaion and our thoughts when were together. To fully express how bad we were, one afternoon we even went as far as to drive through newly built neighborhoods to "get ideas" about the houses we were gonna build right next door together. Dont know if youd consider us big dreamers or big planners? But we've always known what we wanted, and I love watching the Lord give those desires to both of us.
Such a blessing to have so many life long friends to experience and walk through life with. Its so neat to watch God breath life into these dreams that used to consume us for years and years. He is so faithful and I know Hes got so much more instore for both of us.

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