Wednesday, July 29, 2009


and I wouldn't even call it a job, because it consist of taking care of this precious boy, Tucker
and his older brother, Miller. Mallory and Trent are doctors at UAB, and while their hard at work we play :)
I started keeping Miller when he was about this age.
I had moved back home from Auburn in Fall 2007 to finish up with my internship here in Birmingham. My internship plan had fallen through that Fall and also had fallen through the following Spring (2008). I had never had a job before, much less even tried looking for one, but I knew Id have to find something until I could begin my internship. Before I received the news that Spring, I had been praying that if my internship was not going to pull through; God would drop some kind of opportunity in my lap. And being the provider He is, He literally did just that. The same day I checked my email from Auburn informing me that I wouldn't be doing my internship until the following Fall (2008), I got a message from a close family friend presenting the opportunity of keeping Miller so Mallory to go to work as a nurse antithesis.
As you see, I gladly accepted :) Never underestimate praying for the specifics. God did just as I asked, and since I put so much faith and confidence in His provision; He provided something more than I could have even thought to have asked for. And then Tucker came! The newest addition, He is now 4 months and so precious!! I had more pictures of him, but accidentally backspaced them right off the page :(. I love them and take care of them as if they were my own. I believe every opportunity prepares you for the next or for the near future, therefore, I'm learning all the tricks of the trade of babies, toddlers, parenting, etc. early in the ballgame. Mallory and Trent are unbelievable parents to these boys and are passionate believers and followers of Christ. I love it and there's not a whole lot more that makes me smile than these two little faces right here.

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