Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sabbath Day Monday

I've come to realize that my husband can not cook anything without raiding our pantry in attempt to create his own special "concoction". So yesterday morning, we invited Payton's sister Kacy, our sister in law Jess our niece Bekah Joy and nephew Brooks David over for blueberry pancakes.........

As you see, his creativity, once again, started brewing; therefore we enjoyed pancakes ..........Yogurt Mountain style aka Pancake Mountain as Payton referred to our house all morning.........

These happy rascals loved the options of having Cinnamon Toast Crunch, M&Ms, and brownies in their pancakes. Nutritious huh? We like to use the excuse "its Summer time" for meals like this and for the fact that breakfast didn't take place until 11:00AM.

Payton is also responsible for my new milestone.

Picking Blueberries. And I say its a milestone because this is something I never spent time doing in B'ham.

I felt like a true country girl! Until my legs started to itch and I ended up spending the latter part of the event in the car in the air conditioning.

Payton's grandparents and parents both have blueberry bushes. And after a trip to the grocery store, I was pretty thankful for the resources. Payton's new obsession is blueberries and we could easily spend a $50-60 a week just in blueberries.

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