Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2k11 Seniors

This past Sunday was Senior recognition day as mentioned in a previous post. A record breaking Senior recognition day at FBC Guin in fact. 10 seniors were recognized, which is the most ever recognized in one year at our church. And yes 10 is a lot, considering this years class consists of 30 total that will walk across the stage tonight.

Hey, it beats my (Payton) graduating class of 28!

Anyways, what a blessing it was to celebrate and honor these guys...

and gals......

During the A.M. service they were challenged with the story of David and Goliath.

To be bold.
To be reminded that the Lord Almighty is greater than any temptation they will face.
To seek, to find, and to follow His will for true victory in their life.

And after much anticipation, I was finally able to give them their gift from our Israel trip back in November. The Lord put this message on my heart for them during our visit to the site which is believed to be where the actual battle of David and Goliath took place. The rock is from the battle site, and I pray it serves as a reminder for them as they move forward in their new joureny.

After the service, it was "shindig" time.........

Grounded, gifted, smart, solid, legit, faithful, loyal, dependable, fun, supportive, hilarious, involved, and leader are just a few of the words that describe their character. They each have truly sharpened me and encouraged me in my walk with Christ. I stand confident in them and excited for them as they move forward into the "real world"!

We love you Seniors 2k11!!!

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