Friday, February 25, 2011

You Need These!

If you know me well OR have been following this blog for quite some time; I assume you're well aware of the fact that I have had "baby fever" since I was about 4 years old. And now that I'm approaching the milestone of opportunity to (God willing) start having some of my own.....its only gotten worse! And one thing that has not made this fever any better, is my mother in law's precious store that she owns in Guin.

Her store is very comparable to Swoozies.....with the exception of much better prices. You can get away with that in a small town :). She has the cutest children clothes and its about to drive me crazy!

I've been very tempted to start wardrobes for my future babies, but surprisingly, I'm with framing.....for now. And until I have the privilege of dolling my babies up; I want to pass the opportunity to you!!!

New Mud Pie Girls:

Mud Pie Boys:

Email me if you're interested.......

House update and a late weekend update coming!!!


  1. I am I am I am!!!!! We just found out my sis is having a girl(after having 3 boys) and I haven't seen any thing cuter than that first picture at any other store!!! What's your email?

  2. Heather,

    Those are SO STINKIN' cute! Caroline is two and a half and we have another on the way, so clothes are constantly rotating through our house. Does she have an online store or Etsy page?