Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morning Deal

Good Morning Friends!! Its super early, and I'm assuming most are snoozing away......but I'm awake and apparently catching deals this morning. The closer I approach the married life, not only does the desire to be thrifty increase (I know Payton is proud himself as he read this); but the desire to have the house completely and perfectly decorated ASAP increases as well. Its a hard balance, but I'm trying my best to find it.

Our bedding for our bedroom is this.....

Its from West Elm , out of Atlanta, and its not exactly the thriftiest thing......but the duvet was a gift, therefore the only thing we lack/lacked are the shams that are $34 each NOT including the pillow insert and since our bed is king sized.......

we'll need three Euro shams. If you do the math $34.00 x 3= $102.00 plus tax and shipping.....Id predict a total of $115.00 if not more for the three.

One sham has been purchased off of our online registry as a gift, which left us with two more to buy ourselves. I hopped on Ebay this morning, searched West Elm curious as what they had to offer, and this guy popped up marked with a price of $9.99.

Extremely shocking since the bedding is still regular price on the website......needless to say, I purchased. One sham and many more throw pillows to go. I'm hoping this super deal will justify to Payton my want for purchasing many others....such as two of these guys (in white).

Maybe I'm late in the game, but a little tip for any decorators or general shoppers; check Ebay before making impulsive purchases :)

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