Friday, January 14, 2011



Since Ive had several comments, emails, and messages about these boots and these pajama pants......

The jams are Mud Pie. They typically strictly sell ADORABLE baby clothes (definitely one of my favorite baby lines) and platters and such; but we saw these at market last June and HAD to place a order. If you're interested in a pair, let me know. I think they are about 24. 99? They come in this style as well....

And for the boots.......they are Jessica Simpson and I think I bought them at Bakers in the Galleria! Little pricey, but my friend bought a pair VERY similar at DSW in Patton Creek.....much cheaper than what I paid. So I recommend that unless you dont mind spending. If I would have done a little more research, I would have passed up Jessica and contently settled for the off brand. But I do LOVE them and definitely get my wear out of them.

There you go! I normally would never post about my things, but since I had so many sweet compliments and questions; I thought this would be easiest way to answer :)

And while I'm sharing, I just receieved a package from my UPS friend......

These little guys are for the children's area at the wedding where my goal is to have as much cute and fun candy as possible! Theyll be apart of the array of lollipops and TONS of others!They are precious and were super cheap.

$4.99 through Oriental Trading and if you ordered $49.00 or more, the shipping is free!

Happy Weekend!

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