Saturday, August 7, 2010

And The Results Are In

This blog was intended to be posted last night but time got away...........We enjoyed a much needed date night by spending some quiet and quality time in the kitchen making home-made pizza. It was a big success and you'll need this recipe. Easy, quick, and so delicious.
Definitely a change for us to spend time, stationary, in a kitchen cooking our own food. As of this past week, our lives still remain on the go.We spent most of the weekend at the lake house with the young adult group from church.........
Childhood games of "Telephone."
Shared testimonies.
and course, some sun and water.
And the Wednesday night before, we loaded up the youth for a swim party
to close out the Summer
and welcome the new School year.
Our days and weekends remain packed, which allows us to cherish some QT even more.
We're sharing our pizza recipe, so stay tuned.

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