Thursday, June 10, 2010


Who doesn't love coming home from a long day to a box addressed to you?
with 3 individually wrapped presents......
in closed with not only 3 boxes of blow pops, but 2 boxes of strictly CHEERY. My fav.....
and to take it a step further, the third box was BLACK CHERRY.
If you're unaware of my deep love obsession for blow pops, to explain it lightly; I have at least 4-5 a day.
and since it is the National Month of Candy (according to the Today Show).......
AND being the blow pop lover herself and sharing the common interest to never let ANY holiday go unnoticed, my festive friend, Joy, had this specially ordered package mailed to me.
Joy, her husband Jason, and precious little boy, Cash live in Japan where Jason plays baseball. I miss her so much and right now can not show enough gratitude for not just sending me a months worth, or in my case, probablly a couple weeks worth of blow pops.....BUT for fulfilling my love language.Acts of service shown at its finest........theres nothing that makes me feel more loved than intensional, thoughtful, creative, out of the way act of love.Thank you, thank you Joy! It couldnt have come on a better day! He used you to make my day. Love you so much!!

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