Sunday, June 6, 2010

Special Request

Bekah Joy (Payton's niece) would "openly" like to give the directions that many people have requested on how to enlarge your pictures on your blog post........Upload the pictures you desire to post.Go to the Edit Html tab on the right next to the Compose tab.Each picture has a section that begins with and ends with a>.In those brackets find where is reads height: and width: (and it should have a 3 digit #px).
Ex. (height: 298px and width: 400px) Whatever the # is (it'll vary from picture to picture) double it.

It should then should read height: 498px, width: 600px. Once you've done that, find where it reads (s400). It'll be at the very end of the same set of brackets. Change it to (s1600).Its a little time consuming, but definitely worth it. And there also may be an easier way to do it, SO if there is, someone inform me :).

If you have any problems let me know. Happy Sunday!


  1. thanks so much heather! I will try that.. do you have to do it each time you upload pics for each individual one?? That is time consuming.. but you're looks better! hope you are having a good week.. xoxo

  2. Hey Heather! I am Mallory's friend!! I just wanted to comment bc I wondered this same thing for a while too. I also was expanding my pictures by changing the numbers but unfortunately it always made the quality a little poorer each time you changed it. Now, you can change you blogger template to the minima stretch and it will give you the option of uploading your picture to an xlarge size. You upload it, then it shows up in your 'compose' mode of blogger and then you just click on the picture and it will come up right below it. I hope that makes sense!! Blessings! :) Joy