Thursday, May 6, 2010


I never had the chance to introduce to you the two newest additions to the family........If you know me at all, you're probably already quite shocked at the fact that I am investing time into writing a blog about an animal. I am by far not an animal person, and as heartless as that seems; I honestly have prayed on numerous occasions for the past 3 years that the Lord would grant me compassion towards his creatures.......all of them! Somewhere in the past 5 years, Ive lost all tolerance for any kind of animal.

BUT, I'm here to document my bonding experience with these two abandoned birds that we (Dad) rescued about a week ago. Knowing they were in the garage, uninterested.......I never laid eyes on them until I pulled into the garage one afternoon and heard/saw these little things starving and begging for some food. My heart melted!
Compassionately, I spent the next 10 minutes filling up theirs little bellies and somewhat bonding with them.In the mean time, us festive girls met for Mexican to "celebrate" Cino de Mayo.....didn't even know if was a holiday until we ran around town to and from every Mexican restaurant in Tville because they were all packed! We ended up at Moes. No alcohol= No wait. So we sat right down and enjoyed queso, and a large DC.In the 2-3 hours I was gone, I returned home to receive the news that they had passed. I was slightly upset! I was really looking forward to nurturing them and eventually having the privilege of watching them fly off on their own. AND I really couldn't wait for Kaley to meet them too. She would have fell in love and I knew she would have been so proud that the girls and I had already picked out names for them.......Kaley loves coming up with names, creative ones! From a snail to a dog......she loves them all, names them all, and loves taking care of them. But unfortunately, I'm not sure what I did wrong but after a good dinner they passed away.
Sadie and Louie

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