Saturday, April 10, 2010

Look Forward To........

future blogs about my 4 children that Kaley has confidently predicted me to have in the years to come.........
And she not only has predicted the sex of each child to be 2 girls and 2 boys BUT she also informed that they have already been named, in which I totally agreed with her. The Lord definitely has already given each one of my children a name, but never did I anticipate these......are you ready?1. Won (yes, in a Chinese kinda way)
2. Peaches
3. Kelly
4. OctavianSo maybe one day you'll have the privilege of reading blog post about Won, Peaches, Kelly, and Octavian....... And who knows, maybe Kaleys speaking some slight prophecy and I will have a Won from china, Octavian from Africa, and still have figured out where Peaches and Kelly would come from?

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