Sunday, April 25, 2010


Tickets were purchased.
Candy was stocked.Dinner plans were set.And the opportunity to reminisce on a first date= TORNADOES and CANCELED PLANS!I guess I could say, without being too big of a cheese, that Payton and I fell pretty hard for each other listen to some jams by the band Needtobreath at their concert back in October on our very first date. We heard they were coming back and waisted no time to order tickets. BUT due to the inconvenience of the massive "tornado" that swooped through the 'Ham yesterday and a rescheduling of the show, our much anticipated date night turned into a 1-2 hour conversation on the phone cooped up in the house in 2 different cities.

We were slightly bummed. But to make matters better, I'll have the priviledge of spending the entire day with all three of my boys.....

I'll take it.

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