Monday, March 1, 2010

Step Back

I'm 2 weeks past due.......but Happy Belated Valentines Day!The older we get the more we LOVE our jams and love excuses to get together. Therefore, we've decided to have a "get together" for every holiday so we have an excuse to wear our festive the week of Valentines Day, we splurged on desserts, cuddled in our pjs, and had the intentions to watch a "chick flick" but instead
spent the entire night skyping with Mary! Mary is in Law School at LSU, therefore she couldn't make the drive that night to be with us. We excused her absence and allowed her to join us through the Mac. And if Lana wasn't across the world without internet, we would have invited her in as well. :(
Valentines Day weekend was spent with Payt and he was thrilled about the "gift" I was so proud to finally present to Him......
He loved it
about as much as I loved my spray painted t-shirt he so thoughtfully got me along with my Spa gift certificate.
He keeps me on my toes.
And staying on topic about the holidays.....M&Ms are out
and the green blow pops are out for grabs......
Just another excuse to decorate!

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