Sunday, February 28, 2010


Katie. Katie and I bonded freshman year over numerous long nights and early mornings spent at a house we labeled the "129" house. Through our campus ministry, Encounter, our house (Jana, Duren, Lana, Jessica, and I) met a group of Godly guys who lived in the "129" house close to campus and as understatement we were inseparable. Katie was dating one of the guys at the time; therefore as one big happy family; we spent all most every waking hour together throughout our Freshman/ Sophomore year of college. There were 6 of them and with Katie included as our newest best friend there were six of us. The season of watching Full House, singing Karaoke, playing games, and talking about the Lord ended with those 6; however the Lord had bigger plans for our friendship. We spent the rest of Junior and Senior year pursuing the Lord and allowing Him to build a lifelong friendship.
Katie got married in 2008 to an awesome man of God, and they now live in Montgomery. Even with the distance; Katie's effort and her loyalty to our friendship has never failed. She drove an hour and half to meet us for dinner for my birthday and turned around to drive right back. Shes not only been a faithful friend to me, but her relationship with the Lord has been steadfast since Ive known her. Its been an encouragement to my walk with the Lord as Ive watched her cling to every Word of God in each season of her life.
I am so thankful for her and for our friendship. And cant thank God enough for the grace that Hes given us in abundance to remain lifelong friends in the midst of the busyness of life, different seasons, and distance. He is so good, and He longs to see community develop and grow and Im humbled to have the opportunity to take part in that with some amazing friends!
SO thankful for you and so proud of you, Katie!

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