Saturday, February 20, 2010

I-Climb @ I-Jump

(not sure how the caption at the end got there......but I have to say that I am impressed I created a video and that my well- conditioned laptop let me complete it without freezing up a handful of time.)

BUT after being so proud that some true vocalist exist in the family.......These divas "Climbed" their way to I-Jump for the first time.
We tackled the rock wall
which took much concentration for some.....
while others
let loose and let go.
Raced through the tunnels.
Slid til our "bellies were gone."
Had quite a few spin outs
on the race track, which did not result with this say the least.Won LOTS (406 to be exact) of tickets
and instead of choosing 2 big prizes, chose every 10pt prize in the case.
And guess who had the pleasures of carry around 406 tickets worth of complaints. Thats what the "suitcase" of a purse is for. Then finally cooled down with a refreshing cheery Capri Sun
and had a blast til next time.

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