Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dont Be Jealous

of where I spent my Saturday morning......
That's right. Driving school. You'd think Id learn my lesson by now, because this was not only the first, nor the second, but the third time that Ive attended driving school.

But despite the wasted time I spent from 9am-12pm (our sweet lady let us out early), its worth not seeing the results of the ticket on my insurance.

And not only will the ticket not appear on my insurance BUT if I turn my certificate (that I'm so proud of and yes, I made a 100 on my test) in to my insurance company, they will honor it and my insurance will go down! Ive done it a time or two.....this will make three, and for that I feel its worth it.

I'm not sure if my insurance company thinks I'm a super good citizen for attending driving class on a yearly basis or if they see straight through to the reality of my terrible driving skills.

Let me be vulnerable and tell you Ive been pulled over on 12 different occasions BUT have only received 3 tickets (which have been excused).....not too bad. I don't think. And no, they haven't all been for speeding.

Once for swerving from fooling with the i-pod
Tailing a cop (apparantly he was driving too slow)
Not obeying the new "Move Over" law which I was totally clueless about the time.....not anymore though, thanks to class this AM......

And for other things.....We all make these mistakes, I just tend to do it when the cops are watching.

On to something else......Let me be vulnerable again and introduce you to someone dear to me.
I can now humbly confess that the reason I have not taken any pictures when me in them is because my face not only decided to revert about 12 years back to a middle school girl dealing with hormones but it decided to take a month to clear up......thanks to this guy. Which I would have discovered him back in January.

Fortunately, Ive never dealt these types of issue, therefore I didn't know what to do or what to think. It was a humbling experience to say the least. I still have no clue what the cause of it what, but I pray I never see it again. No matter how much I quoted the Scripture Proverbs 31:30 about my beauty being fleeting, its still hard fighting something that is so visible and very hard to grab control over. I know you girls understand. But its gone, thank you Lord, and if you struggle with the same problem......hes (clean and clear and yes the Lord too) the answer.

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