Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doesnt Get Much Better

than these two faces! I could literally eat them up.
on an irrelevant noteFINALLY purchased a new pair of tennis shoes. After watching my perfectly conditioned tennis shoes be carried off down the driveway at my parents garage sale back in October, I figured 5 months of using that as an excuse to not hit the gym was slightly unacceptable anymore. And considering the complex I have against tennis shoes, the gym, sweating, AND the fact that not only did my shoes accidentally get sold in the garage sale; but they were in the $1 pile (wasn't exactly an even trade); this was not something I was thrilled about buying. However, I'm back at the gym and really praying my track record of working out looks a little different than the past. Nothing like starting a "New Years Resolution" at the end of February......we'll see how this goes.
And since they meet Tucker's approval; the desire to want to wear them even more has intensified.

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