Thursday, January 28, 2010

Woman of Steadfastness

Vs. 25
She is clothed in strength and dignity;
can laugh at the days to come.

Dignity: self respect, character, distinction.

We live in a society that is constantly changing the elements of beauty, leaving us chasing after these qualifications that we can never seem to attain. And if we do manage "success" in becoming the image Hollywood deceives as beautiful; we only grow exhausted in our efforts in keeping up with the latest status. The world feeds us the lie that true beauty is seen externally. Which I believe is the reason so many girls lack confidence and self-respect. Because this lie is impossible to achieve, and if we allow our confidence to be built on that, we will find ourselves consistently striving for something that simply doesn't exist.

Because true and unchanging beauty is only found in the confidence of clothing our minds and our hearts with His Word. His Word is more attractive and more radiate than anything this world has to offer. Compare a girl or guy who is grounded in the Word to a one that is constantly chasing after the latest societal requirements. The difference: stability verses instability.

When we walk with the confidence of knowing Christ and knowing His Word, we can laugh at the days to come, because with confidence comes peace. His Word is enough and that is the defining line. It is Him who defines beauty.....He created it. Id assume He needs to be the one we should be looking towards for qualifications.

Hollywood breeds lies, His Word breeds truth. Where is our trust? In the failing unchanging promises of God or in the instability and apathetic ways of our society?

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