Friday, January 29, 2010

A Rough Start

began when I received a text message at this time Friday morning
wondering why I was not with these boys like I was suppose to be at 6AM.
Ten minutes doesn't seem too bad, but when your still in bed thirty minutes across town results in actually being 45 minutes late. And since Mallory and Trent are both doctors my tardiness not only causes them to be late for work; but inconvenience set appointments, patients, and other doctors as well.

And to make things even more frustrating, I had to be dressed and ready to be at Mia Moda at 9:45 later that morning AND have my bags completely packed and car loaded for my weekend trip to visit Payton's family with 0 seconds to have it done. My alarm was set for 5AM to have all my task complete, but for obvious reasons I never saw any of that time.

So there I was at 6:10 PANICKED leaving me throwing things my bag, grabbing all my stuff, and running out in the door in this......(just to give a visual). And as I'm frantically driving down 459, my attention was suddenly drawn to the fact that I had NO bra on and no bra in either of my bags! Not only was that problem because I was working at the store later that morning, BUT I was leaving out of town straight from the store later that afternoon.

I was extremely frustrated with a million things running through my head. I had been talking with Mallory through text while I was driving (broke the law), but it was necessary in this situation, I needed to be affirmed that she was okay being late for work......which she so mercifully kept reminding me that everything was okay which made me feel better BUT the bra situation still had me frazzled.

At 6:45AM I arrived half asleep and stressed. Mallory was not only SO sweet but so calm which which helped my nerves to relax. And of course when I saw these sweet faces
everything was better.I resolved my bra situation by helping myself to Mallory's bra drawer. Mind you: shes a good size smaller than me. So as Im digging through her drawer I found the situation leaving me with two choices. A) squeeze into one of her regular bras or B) wear one of her NURSING bras which looked much more like my size......I went with choice A. I figured I would have been even more uncomfortable knowing that I was wearing a nursing bra than squeezing a bra that was slightly too small.

It got the job done and I made it through the day.

And have fired the blackberry from wake-up calls.

The day started off stressful but ended with the start of a great weekend celebrating Grandad Junkin's 83rd birthday!When thats all there is to be stressed out about, theres no need to complain.

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  1. I love that story!!!!!!!!!!!!! It ended up being a crazy day for me as well so I am glad I had the chance to relax alittle bit at home and spend some time with the boys. And seriously, three years of keeping our boys and only one tardy day, THAT IS PRETTY AWESOME!!!
    I love you dearly