Wednesday, January 13, 2010

He is GOOD- Deux

I know I tend to jump the gun a lot when it comes to preparing, making plans, decorating etc....especially when it comes to the holidays. Because I LOOOOVE every bit of every holiday. And Ive learned that since I love details, God does to. So since Payton and I refuse to contribute to each other's excess; last Friday I specifically begin praying about what to get him for Valentines Day. I know its a month away, (and I know it seems petty, hang tight) BUT I thought that I might need that much time to get creative in coming up with something special, thoughtful, meaningful, expressive, etc.; you get the point. I didn't want to just buy any gadget or article of clothing to purchase something because like me, he needs and really wants absolutely nothing!
Well, as I was walking to my car after church Sunday afternoon, I began making small talk with the guy who was directing the traffic right beside my parking spot. I opened my car door and proceeded to climb in, when he asked, "Hey, Do you want that? Someone just gave it to me" pointing to the ground. I looked by his feet where his finger was pointing to see an object (which cant be revealed, because Payton will or already has read this) and an empty Starbucks cup. I had no clue what he was trying to ask, so I walked closer, picked up the object, and asked if that is what he talking about. I had no idea what it was, but to avoid being rude, I said "sure," took it, thanked him, and turned around to walk back to my car. As I was climbing back in my car for second time; he hollered, "I think your boyfriend would like it."
I took another glanced at it, still perplexed at why he offered this object to me, and then it dawned on me! Valentines Days! I turned around at the man, smiled, and said, " your right, he sure will." Because at a second glance, I realized what it was and where I could go with it. The gift is by no means completed, BUT once again, the Lord answered my simple, irrelevant prayer. Not only will he love it, hopefully and excuse me for a second for being cheesy, but its a gift that the Lord gave me to give to him. Literally. Pretty meaningful and special if you ask me. Once again, don't underestimate the power of prayer even in the small things. Now I leave you with much anticipation about the object. Sorry.
Hes a big God who loves the tiny details!

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