Wednesday, January 13, 2010

He is GOOD

Period. Theres really not much else to say......besides the word "good" never being able to measure His true, infinite goodness and sovereignty.....but I'm assuming that's obvious to most. However, over the past week or two, Ive experience so much of His grace and "goodness" I want to pinch myself.

Why is it that we act so surprised or stunned when prayers are answered or when we see His work in the small, simplistic things that we instantly assume Hes not concerned about? Because I do. And I get so frustrated with myself, because its as if I'm shock that God actually played His role of answering prayers and expressing that He cares for me.When in reality, its not God's role to listen, to meet needs/wants, to show compassion, etc. ITS HIS CHARACTER. And lately Ive been reminded that its not what He does, its who He is. And Hes not just involved in the big picture of life, but Hes concerned with EVERY single detail, big and small.
As Ive already blogged about earlier this month, Payton and I had the privilege to attend Passion 2010 in Atlanta after our trip to North Carolina. During our three hour drive from NC into Atlanta, we were reflecting over 2009 and begin discussing what expectations we had for Passion and the year 2010. I began explaining to him how the ministry of Passion reminds me and takes me back to my college years because my college ministry, Encounter, was very involved with Passion. We had attended Passion 05 and Passion 06 when it was in Nashville. The conversation led into me expressing how much I missed Auburn, Encounter, the community I was engaged with, and my college pastors, Matt and April Dean that poured into me SO much and I credit the Lord for that, but he used them to help build the foundation of my relationship with the Lord. They mean the WORLD to me. Since Payton and I met and began dating post-college, he knows very little about Encounter and the experiences and memories I cherish from those days. And because that was such a vital part of my life, I somewhat longed for him to be able to share that season of life with me in some way. Therefore, Ive always prayed that maybe one day he would have the opportunity to meet Matt and April and would get a better understanding at the impact they made in my life. But being that Matt and April are now living and ministering in Hong Kong, China; I knew the chances were pretty slim.This conversation consumed the last hour and a half of our trip upon our arrival and as we stepped on the ground of downtown Atlanta a midst the 20,000 other people there for the conference; we got registered and began enjoying the joyful chaos with the rest of the thousands.After the first session of worship that night, everyone (mind you 20,000 people) was dismissed to community groups. Community groups were broken up with 30-40 different colored wrist bands that you received at registration. Each color met in a different room through out the Phillips arena and there, small groups took place.Payton had a silver wrist band and I had a pink. Therefore, he parted with the guys and I parted with the girls to attend our small group. I'm sitting there in my small group when I received a text message from Payton informing me that his small group leader was MATT DEAN. Matt had been asked to lead a community group, therefore he flew in from Hong Kong for 4 days to be apart of the conference. I about died considering the obvious (out of 40-50 community group leaders and 20,000 people; Payton and Matt landed in the same group), but that we had JUST had an hour conversation about how badly I wished they could meet.
There you have it. Payton not only got to meet Matt, but he had the privilege of siting under the same teaching for four daysI experienced at Auburn for 4 days.
Hope you're encouraged to never disregard praying over the small things that you think don't concern God, because He cares!


  1. awesome!!! I love when those little things happen that no one else could possibly understand the impact they have on us!