Sunday, January 24, 2010

B -Still

and recognize him as God. I continue to stand amazed at the faithfulness of His blessings. He remains SO good as I remain so unworthy. I am beyond thankful for the lives that He has intertwined with my own, and I pray I never take them for granted. What God has joined together, let no MAN separate. I know that's a popular verse given at weddings, but I see it as truth for all my relationship. And even in the midst of my inconsistency to pursue or pour into the lives around me, God's grace still stands and so does all the special relationships He has given me.

Therefore, this weekend I stayed put here in Trussville, aka, Vegas which is a rare occasion these consider the direction that life is take me in. While the "back and forth" is a blessing in itself, its still a constant struggle to remain invested in the lives that live in the perimeters of my own home. So as I stayed "put" this weekend, I had the privilege of spending time with some very special people.......

"B-allers" as they call themselves B-alance

"Come see the glorious works of the Lord, be still and know that I am God." Psalms 46: 8, 10

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