Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009: Looking Back

2009 was filled with more of memories than I could ever blog about in one blog and consisted of a year of experiencing lots of changes and preparation for new journeys and new seasons. Before I move any forward into twenty-ten, I want to take some time, for my own records, to reflect on His faithfulness that made '09 a year of blessings.

kicked off the New Year with a girls trip to Snow Mountain in Atlanta
attempted to create a hard-core (short term) work out plan

spent a week and half in LA
it snowed ALOT
took a beach trip
had the opportunity to minister on the 700 Club
Tucker entered the world
began to enjoy the weather warming up
started renovating Beca's house
took a trip to Virginia
was devastated by getting a speeding ticket and having to go to driving school
Duren was baptized
celebrated the resurrection
enjoyed the Trussville fair
Olivia Love's baby shower
had the privilege of hosting Karen Kingsbury while she spent time in Birmingham
worshipped and met Hillsong
took another trip to the beach
JR graduated from dental school
celebrated Miller's 2nd birthday
began my journey with Payton
received one of God's biggest blessings to our family: Olivia Love
began this blog
celebrate Kaley's 7th birthday
spent a night at Ross Bridge with Christy
took another trip to Virginia
went to a Beth Moore conference in North Carolina
entered the work world with a job at Mia Moda
wrapped up the summer by spending lots of time at the lake and outdoors
Olivia Love was dedicated to the Lord
had a yard sale
enjoyed a trip at our condo in Orlando
began our traditional fall festivities
Payton and I went on our first date
worshipped with Kari Jobe at Church of the Highlands
forced into attending my first Alabama football game ;)
enlightened about Spiritual warfare at Secret Church at Brookhills
attended my 2nd Alabama football game
had the honor of being a bridesmaid at my friend Emily's wedding
spent time at Payton's farm house
felt the calling of attending church at Brookhills
served at the Big Oak Ranch
Beca Joy entered the world
spent a lot of time in Guin
did alot of shopping
made Christmas cookies
Payton pastored his first wedding
turned a 1/4th of a century
celebrated the birth of our Saviour

and ended the year with a ski trip and a trip to Passion 2010.
His love edures forever and forever! AMEN

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