Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tradition Continues

Along with Christmas, I love a tradition.........especially when the two are combined! Since JR's (my oldest brother) first Christmas, mom has continued buying us a DATED ornament every year to express the season of the life we are currently in or one that describes a hobby that consumes our temporary interest.Ive seemed to have accumulated a few of these (telephone/talkers) during my middle school and junior high years. Not a whole lot has changed.
And since sports has always and will always be a common interest in the Millington household, we've accumulated so many of these.......
We put up an extra tree to hold the collection of sports memorabilia.
And this year, we had a slight twist in things.......Payton's ornament not only made it to the tree, but front and center. We're slowly adjusting to his one and only downfall :)
Saturday morning we continued our Sugar Cookie Escapade. My mom and aunt started making sugar cookies and decorating them every Christmas since they were newlyweds (almost 37 years ago).
We've all gladly took part every year since we can remember.
Kaley thoroughly enjoys it too. However, we've created a little tradition for her as well......the cookies she decorates she eats!
And its not very hard to distinguish between hers.......
and the others.
However, she does a great job and I'm sure they taste delicious
BUT if this seems the be the result of eating too many of HER cookies, I'll pass. (minus a skirt and full of sass)
We love it and Kaley's participated every year since she can remember too.And of course the Christmas cards! We not only like receiving thembut since JR's first Christmas, once again, we've taken family pictures to send out each year......just thankful the tradition of dressing alike has passed.

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