Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Christmas

we had a few new additions and a slight twist or two in our Christmas traditions.
Livi Love celebrated her first Christmas this year. She appeared to have grasp the concept of opening gifts quite well, however, her intentions of diving in was to insert the paper into mouth. But she did love the final product and I think we officially have discovered her first favorite book....she loves it!
Payton was thrilled about his stocking too.......we decided not to buy for each other this year because we both feel there is nothing we need. So we took the money we would spent on each other and sowed into someone else Christmas. I had nothing everything to do with this stocking BUT to justify, it was from the Milligton family.....not me.
When we were younger, mom and dad would send us on a scavenger hunt at the end of opening our gifts to find the "big" gift they had purchased for us. They would send us all over the house with clues and riddles that would lead us to our final destinations of a trampoline, go-cart, bicycles, etc. SO this year, I decided that it was our turn to reverse roles. Since a pretty penny was sent on something that I knew they'd love, I had to make it slightly exciting......

Once again, due to my lack of tech-savvy abilities I could not get the rest of the video to upload. Sorry. The grand finale of the hunt resulted with this gift......which was concluded in the future nursery. They absolutely loved it, to say the least.
Secondly, the biggest twist was the purchase of an Alabama football uniform for Payton's four year old nephew.....
If I wouldn't have anticipated this face the purchase would have been much harder........
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, so sad its over but look forward to next year!

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