Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Seed Sowin'

Paul informs us in Galatians 6 about the results that come from sowing seeds of destruction and sowing seeds that lead to everlasting life. A seed is something that is small and simple and is only identify when its watered to fruition. This is also true for the sin in our lives. Satan will continue to wear himself out by trying to plant seeds of destruction into our lives until the day of Eternity. Sin doesn't evolve over night. You don't wake up one morning with a full blow addiction to alcohol, or decide one day at work you want to commit adultery, or realize in the spare of the moment that you have an eating disorder. Satan is at work long before we see sin poke its ugly head around the corner. Seeds of fear, insecurity, lies, etc. are planted and before we recognized the potential these seeds have, we're living in a pit of sin wondering how life turned out this way.

The Lord instructs us to FLEE from sin and to RESIST the enemy. Not tip-toe, run circles, or even walk away; but to FLEE: to run away, to hurry, to vanish. My friends and family think I'm somewhat strange because of I have a personal complex with NyQuil. Is there something wrong with it no, BUT Ive seen people use it as a source of escape, chugging it every night before bed to end their day of stress, confusion, discontentment, etc. Is it wrong in moderation? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But I do believe that dependency on anything less than Jesus is a seed planted, waiting to reap a harvest of sin and destruction. I know that is something SO minor and you probably think I'm nuts, but its in the small things where the enemy begins his work. Scripture says that hes deceitful among all things, meaning he disguises himself in things that seem innocent and sometimes disguises himself in things that may even seem good.

Watch for the small things in your life....the seeds in your life that have the potential to birth to an entanglement of sin. Verse 9 encourages us not to give up in doing good because we will reap a harvest of blessing! Will we sin, of course. But Ephesians tells us to run the ran with endurance, and when we're feasting off of rotten fruit.

Its for His glory and His alone! He loves you SO much and longs to see you move forward, and the only way of doing so is sowing into the things of Him. Nothing can seperate you from His love, not even the ugly sin in your life. Rest in that!
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On a lighter note;

we're packed and ready to hit the slopes tomorrow!

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