Monday, December 7, 2009

Im Back

from not only the big town of Guin, Alabama (Payton's' home town) BUT from having the privilege of experiencing the birth of Payton's neice...... And after waiting nine months with much anticipation for this TINY (5lbs 14oz) bundle of joy to enter the world
the many hours spent in the hospital this weekend were too good for words.And when we werent snuggling this precious thing......
I was being forced influenced to pull the tide through in the SEC championship game
and then enjoyed watching the die hard gleam with pride and excitement........
Another busy, yet fun and blessed weekendAnd praying that Im able to catch up on sleep, Christmas shopping, errands, and the rest of the "to dos" that seem to make it to the list
BECAUSEthere are 18 days left til Christmas with SO much left to do
but continuing to let the JOY of the season be the fact that Christmas exist and remembering that that without it we'd be a lost and dying world.

Praying that the hustle and bustle of the "holiday" doesnt cause distractions against the real reason to celebrate.

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