Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Around Here

its been busy! As I'm sure it has for many, but between the Christmas parties, shopping, traveling, etc.; it was hasn't stopped. I decided today that I want the season to be stretched out over the course of 2 months. One for the shopping and parties, and the other for sitting by the fire and watching movies in my jams. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, therefore I consider it a blessing to have so many people and things that Ive been given the opportunity to pour my time into.
Last Wednesday night, our group of high school friends got together for our annual Christmas get together. We started a Progressive Dinner when we were Freshman in high school, and have continued it through to our post college days.....
Since we're all scattered in many different locations at this stage in life, we stayed in once place to eat dinner, dessert, and enjoy some apple cider.
Our "get togethers" are beginning to expand with little ones. Our friend Leeanna had a baby boy at the end of November and sweet Will graced us with his presence.....I'm pretty sure this is the start of many new additions to our yearly Christmas reunion.
And since we now consider ourselves "old," are bedtimes have decreased a few hours; therefore Jams were the attire of the night. Eleven years ago, we would have slumbered partied all night into the early hours of the morning and then slept the next day away. With husbands and J-O-B-S that's not practical anymore.
Our very best friend, Lana, leaves right after the New Year for the World Race. She will be visiting 11 countries in 11 months. So instead of spending money on a dirty Santa gift like we normally would, we put that money towards Lana's support. We are all so proud of her.
Friday night, we spent our 7th annual Christmas with the Jones. The Lord has used this couple in mighty ways to show me more and more of His unconditional love and faithfulness.Its so hard getting all of us together at the same these days. Christy has consistently and selflessly poured into each one of us for about 7-8 years now, and we are beyond thankful for her and her family. They have shown us pure religion and solid faith more than we could have ever prayed for. Saturday night, I loaded up and headed to Guin to attend a wedding where Mister Payton had the honor of marrying two of his best childhood friends. He did such a great job and words do not express how proud I am of him. He spent a lot of time preparing and praying for that night; and as always, the Lord's faithfulness filled the sanctuary and the service could not have gone better.
Sunday night, the Junkin family celebrated my birthday with family, friends, dinner, cake, and presents.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude for not only delicious food and wonderful gifts; but the thought, desire, and effort to make my birthday as special as possible. And they did just that.
Momma C, Payton's great aunt, spent her entire Sunday working hard in the kitchen to make sure dinner was to excellent standards, and it definitely was.
Monday night, this sweet boy arranged dinner plans with close friends at Leonardos in Vestavia.
and then dessert and presents with my family back at my house. Even though I dreaded the big 2-5, it was more special than I could have ever asked for.
And last but not least, last night I did my Christmas with this precious face.....
and this precious face.
I was so thrilled to have opened my gift of a pair cowboy boot rain boots. As they appear hounds tooth, I will clarify that the box read "plaid." Therefore, I'm so excited about the next time the bottom falls out so that Miller and I can both wear our rain boots and splash around in some puddles. He loves some rain boots , and I definitely love my new pair.....however, I'm still trying to figure out if this gift was more for me or for Payton :). I love them, thank you Mallory and Trent! Merry Christmas Eve Eve.
and praying that the pure joy of this seasons comes from the understanding that many years ago a baby was born so that we could we walk in the hope of knowing a Savior who holds every aspect of our life in the palm of His hand.

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