Thursday, November 12, 2009

Woman of Quality

Vs. 18
She sees that her trading is profitable,
and her lamp does not go out at night.

To be a woman of quality is more than being a talented, Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, creative type woman; even though such qualities are definitely gifts from God that we are called to use effectively, a woman of good quality is one who is rooted and identify by the Word alone, not what shes good at or what she can or cant offer.

This Scripture talks about this woman's trading being profitable. I believe its speaking in terms of the wisdom she uses in how she gives her life and what she receives in turn for it (what she trades). The most qualified thing we can give and receive is God's word and because of that no matter how dark life seems to get our lamp (light) will not go out. Our lamp may be the only source of light people see or the only guidance they have; therefore we must be wise in what we're trading ourselves in for. Trading our time for movies, music, and conversations that we should or shouldn't be listening to or watching; trading our integrity for compromises, trading our resources for unnecessary material items, etc......what we reap, we sow.

Therefore, sow into the Word, make that your profitable trade because I promise you, in return, you'll receive nothing but fruit, wisdom, satisfaction, righteousness, understanding, guidance, love, etc. And because of that, THE Consuming Fire will take over your life, and in return, your lamp will never go out......the world needs our light.

Praying that we use wisdom in what we trade ourselves in for, because it will definitely reflect our daily living in one way or another.

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