Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Woman of Energy and Excellence

Vs. 17
She is energetic and strong.
and a hard worker.

God has given each one of us a purpose and a specific plan, each uniquely designed just for us. Regardless of where you are in life or what you are currently doing, if you are walking/desiring God's will, you are presently operating in the plan and purpose that He has mapped out for your life.......whether you think so or not. Sweeping floors in the church sanctuary, working 9 to 5 behind a desk, staying at home as a wife or a mother, high school or college student, waiting tables, construction worker, minister, job searching......whatever it is you're doing right now God has you there on purpose and that purpose is to help fulfil the plan He has for your life. Not only has He put you exactly where you are, but Hes expecting or desiring you to be ALL there.....meaning to pursue whatever position we're holding with everything we've got, energetically.

A lot of us find ourselves discontent with our current state, wishing we could either move forward or change positions because the satisfaction of doing what we want is not present. Personally, I believe that we sometimes keep God from moving because we lack the faithfulness in our present being that He desires to see. Matthew 25 tells us that when we are faithful with the little that God has given us, we will be given more. Whether thats a promotion in our job, transition to a better job, finances, new opportunities, etc.....Hes looking for our faithfulness in the current place HES put us before He can move us any further.

Faith without works is dead. Therefore, how can we be faithful when we're not actively pursuing (working) our job, our ministry, our relationships, etc? Verse 17 tells us that this woman not only worked hard, but she worked energetically. Meaning she didn't get the job half done or complete the job just enough to get by; she worked eagerly with joy and excellence.Therefore wherever you are and whatever you're doing, BE ALL THERE.

Moms: in your household actively pursue the upbringing of your children and submission to your husband with excellence and respect; ministers: faithfully serve the people God's placed in front you to shepherd with integrity and righteousness; business workers: diligently work hard and go beyond any task set ahead of you; teachers: pursue knowledge and wisdom for the guidance of the children God has placed in your classroom.......this could go on and on.

Bottom line is we serve an excellent God and we seem to guilty of allowing very little of who He is be shown in our present state of life. Remember there is a big difference between perfection and excellence. God's not as concerned with the outcome of the performance as Hes interested in the hard work, motivation, and desire to make HIS work that HES placed in front of you reflect His character....EXCELLENCE!

Find joy in doing exactly what you're doing, because I promise you He has a plan just for you and if we'd cooperate; wed actually begin moving forward, entrusted with more of His kingdom work, and wed be taken places we could never imagine going.


  1. Great blog, Heather! Yes & Amen!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement and wisdom.
    It was just what i needed to hear today!