Thursday, November 19, 2009

Woman of Diligence

Vs. 19
In her hands she holds the distaff;
and grasp the spindle with her fingers.

In case your wondering what a "distaff" is, because I surely didn't know, it is a staff used to hold the wound flax and wool for spinning. And once again this Scripture is not implying that we all take spinning, weaving, and sewing classes; rather it is explaining the diligence of this woman.

To hold a distaff with one hand and a spindle with the other, paints a picture of how this woman is able to handle multiple tasks at once. She is self-control, alert, and disciplined. And these qualities will not develop over night. It starts with being faithful and diligent with what God has placed in front of you right now.

At some point we will take on multiple roles with multiple requirements and if we're not using the time allotted to us properly right now then when we add the role of being a wife and being mother; the requirements and demands will be quite difficult to balance if the other priorities of our life are not set.

Start where the Lord has you now and the job of multi-tasking will come much more naturally.

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