Monday, November 9, 2009


Amy. I can literally and technically say that shes the sister I never had. And more than just a sister in law; she is one of the sweetest, most gentle friends I have and I couldnt have prayed for anyone better to be the wife to my big brother. Her and JR started dating her tenth, his eleventh grade year of high school. They dated all through high college and stuck it through all of college......before they married she was already a huge part of our family and we loved her as our own.
Not only was it a blessing to have part of the family with me in my transition living two hours away from home, but Amy and I had the opportunity of being apart of the same sorority where we shared many memories and met many mutual friends.

Amy has been apart of the family for about 10 years now, Amy and JR dating 7-8 years before they married and July 1 they not only celebrated their 3 year anniversary, BUT a day before on June 30, through the two of them God gave our family one of the most precious gifts we could have asked for.....Olivia Love Millington
We love our family and I am beyond thankful for a close, fun relationship I get to share with Amy. Our family continues to grow and I couldn't ask for more. Family is so special and important to us. Unlike friendships, family doesn't come and go and because of that we've overwhelmed by God's faithfulness because of who has chosen to add into our family of five. Im so honored to be stuck with these people to share life with them.
I love you Amy and thank you for being an incredible wife to JR, mother to Livi, sister in law to Miah and me; and a blessing to my parents. We couldnt pray for more!

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