Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I LOVE Christmas!

and the decorations are on their way up! I know its a little early, BUT I couldn't wait any longer. 96.5 began playing their non-stop Christmas music, so after listening to it all day yesterday, I decided to get a move on things......I believe everyone has a deep appreciation for the holiday season, but sometimes I think I fall into a category of my own. I dont know if its the decorating, the music, the hustle and bustle, the excitement of buying gifts for people, or the traditions we always took part in as children.......like our annual Santa pictures
We never missed a visit with Santa
and I searched and searched for this picture to post on Mandy's debut, but couldnt find it til I dug through some tubberwares today.......
and at least one year one of us protested about sitting on Santas lap......JR
Me......and yes that is my dad's hand trying to pull me back into the picture
and Miah.
And dont worry, we finally talked mom into stopping the tradition when we saw this picture and had a hard time seeing Santa's face. We obviously have LOTS more where these came from, but we'll save them for later.And Kaley is probablly the only child Ive ever seen LOVE Santa every year.....when she was younger we would literally have to pry her off his lap to the point of tears.

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